"We are in a race between cosmology and capitalism. The worldview of endless growth, of exploitation of people, communities, and ecosystems, is collapsing the biosphere and choking the sky in just a few generations. In recent years, a new surge of authoritarian and fascist politics has underscored long-running barriers to basic expressions of democracy, voting rights, and human rights. We urgently need an expanded political movement to create racial, gender, and economic justice, to protect democracy and the rule of law, and to mitigate climate change and mass extinction." Drew Dillinger

Make no mistake... visible to everyone, our society is in grave danger, as we hurtle onwards in an accelerating momentum towards catastrophe. Everywhere, intelligent people of goodwill yearn for a new era of enlightened leadership that can help us move forward towards a global society characterised by goodwill, social justice and right relationships between people and with the natural world.

The basic stance of this online magazine is that our current society is based on an intellectual and structural blueprint established during the last great transition of The Industrial Revolution. We are now experiencing the death pangs of this old order and in the process of undergoing a global transition into a new order. While previous issues have examined this movement from different perspectives, this issue looks at the whole area of political leadership; what is actually happening in the world now, the new leadership qualities that are needed, the narrative on which this can be based and where it might lead to.

Issue 4 Contents


According to biblical mythology, Armageddon refers to a decisive or final battle between the forces of good and evil, paving the way for a new global era.

Leadership for a New Era

It is now time for a change in the way that we choose our representatives; identifying those human qualities that can best respond to the crises of our time.